Wednesday, September 2, 2009

SA Vols

Reid is on the 5th grade football team at SA. He is having a blast! (and so is his Dad) Mom is not so sure. I'm glad he's having fun and all but something about tackle football makes me a little nervous. I just pray ALOT for his and all the other players safety. They had a scrimmage against Heritage and won. Last week was their first game against Winston and beat them 18-6. Way to go Vols!!!! I'm having a hard time watching Reid and watching the ball and everything else that goes on with the game of football. After the game, and Reid was already in bed, I had to get Chip to explain everything to me. I was so lost. I said, " So, exactly how did we do tonight?" His response was,"What do you mean how did we do tonight -- WE WON!" I said,"I know, but how did Reid do?" He said, "You're kidding right?" ....ha We spent the rest of the night talking football. I'm slowly learning....ha
Chip having prayer w/ team before game... Victory!

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